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The United States is a rare country as it offers such a diverse landscape for the traveler. We are blessed with great mountain climbing, beautiful deserts, wonderful diving, architecture and pretty much something for every hobby or interest.

Since Mountain Climbing is one of my favorite hobbies I will focus my USA page to my climbing in the USA. Colorado is home of 99% of the Continental USA’s 14,000 foot peaks so I make an annual trek to Colorado to bag as many as I can each year.

Below is a list of my completed 14ers so far. Life had become so busy lately I have missed 2009,10 but hope to make up for lost time in the future.


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Here is a list of US Mountains I have climbed with my friend Rick Hayes. They are listed in order of tallest first.

Mount Elbert - elevation 14,443 feet

Mount Massive - elevation 14,241 feet

Mount Lincoln - elevation 14,286 feet

Grays Peak - elevation 14,270 feet

Torreys Peak - elevation 14,267 feet

Quandary Peak - elevation 14,265 feet

Mount Cameron - elevation 14,172 feet

Mount Bross - elevation 14,443 feet

Mount Democrat - elevation 14,148 feet

Humboltd Peak - elevation 14,064 feet

Huron Peak - elevation 14,005 feet


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