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In the late 1990’s I began the hobby of wooden boat building and restoration. I had dreams of a little woodshop building custom cedar canoes and kayaks for a living. After realizing the 500 hours it takes to build a wooden boat would never pay off in the days of plastic boats and resolved to build them for my personal enjoyment.

In 1998-99 I built cedar strip canoes and kayaks. I even taught a class on building wooden strip and glue design kayaks.

Sailing is also a passion of mine so when I found a wooden 1947 Luke Warner Yawl I fell in love. I promptly sold my Piper Colt to buy this beautiful 41 foot money pit. After completing its restoration I was the first to sail her with my father in over 25 years of being in dry-dock. Originally named “Gandalf” her previous owner changed the name to “Sea Wings”. She won many awards and was a breathtaking boat. Unfortunately my job required travel and wooden boats of this size require constant vigil and are never truly “water tight” so after a few calls from the marina when the bilge pumps came un-plugged or power was out I finally decided she needed someone with more time to give her the love she needs. She was sold to a man who took her to the gulf so she can truly spread her “sea wings”


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So I was driving through Greensburg Pennsylvania when I saw what looked like two propane tanks in a field, after my curiosity got the best of me (it always does) I found them to be Submarines. Upon discussing my serious desire to own these items the owner agreed to sell them to me. I promptly sold one of them to a friend in Texas who has the same need for useless items as myself and spent an enormous amount of time restoring the other. And here it is! A 1966 German Hagenburg Submarine.

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