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Once I discovered the joy of reading I began spending as much time as possible soaking up all the information I could on subjects of interest. I spend at least an hour a day, usually in the evening reading. I personally feel the downfall of society is its interest in television and not reading.

I collect books on the subjects of Exploration, Adventure, Mountain Climbing, Polar Exploration and currently own more than a thousand books in my collection dating back to 1710 up to current events. The bulk of my collection is based on the continent of Africa. I personally have the largest personal collection of books on the subject of Africa next to Jean Pierre Hallet’s collection which is in a museum and Peter Capsticks collection which is in Africa.

Lately I have began extensively collecting Polar exploration books and am enthralled at the hardships these men endured while attempting to reach the North and South Poles. It’s amazing the strength and endurance people of times past had compared to the people of today.


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While traveling the globe a person is bound to acquire a vast collection of artifacts and “souvenirs” from their journey and I am no different (to my families dismay) At one point I had over 400 African artifacts including masks, statues, weapons and other interesting things from my travels.

Our Pennsylvania home is a three story farm house and I saw the potential of converting the third floor into my “study”. I am now able to display my collection of junk without encroaching on the families space.


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