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Every since reading the book ďDeath in the Long GrassĒ by Peter Capstick I began dreaming of a journey to Africa. Africa became my passion and I began collecting books on the subject. During my lunch breaks I would find myself at the old Barber Book Store in Downtown Fort Worth pursuing the isles for my next book on the subject of Africa.

In 1996 I took my first journey to Africa. Kenya was my first quest via Cairo Egypt. I truly enjoyed the sights and smells of the markets in Cairo. I was fortunate enough to visit Egypt in a day where you could still explore the pyramids before the threat of a terrorist attack.

I only travel with a back pack and once in Kenya I wound my way south exploring the land and people as I went along. Finally I made it to Arusha Tanzania where I experienced the horrible exodus of refugees from the war stricken Ruanda and Burundi and eventually over to Moshi where I climbed my second mountain, Kilimanjaro. Back in Arusha I befriended the catholic Diocese and we remained in contact for years as I sent old computers to his school for his students.

As I gained confidence in the bush I explored the East African Wildlife and the Masai People, lucking into an award winning photograph of young Masai warriors on the warpath. I backtracked to Cairo on my return journey to the states and wound up home with a fever for the African continent. All my spare time was spent reading about the Lands and Peoples of Africa and I promised myself a fast return journey.


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The very next year I found myself in Johannesburg South Africa working on plan to move there. I met some great people who offered for me to live with them while working on a business project. South Africa was an amazing experience. I was fortunate enough to experience the lifestyle of the wealthy South Africa estate owner with the parties and social events that surpass anything I have experienced in the states.

Returning to the states in late 1997 I sold everything I couldnít store and moved back early 1998 this time renting a guest house on another large family estate. My plan was to stay for good if possible so I purchased an old Land Rover and began my dream of exploring Africa. I soon learned that Africa was a place where nothing took place quickly and was soon able to slow down to a comfortable lifestyle. I began to learn languages and best of all, the ability to haggle my way out of situations that would have scared me to death previously..

I traveled overland from the East Africa coast to the West Africa coast covering over eleven countries. I experienced the horrid lack of reliability of an old Land rover, the unrest of a civil war brewing in Lesotho, the unrelenting attack of mosquitoes along the Crocodile river in Mozambique. .

Unfortunately my Visas ran out and multiple trips out of the country and then back in to prolong my visa didnít work so I had to return to the States. So taking a detour back through Cairo I wound my way back home. Actually it was a blessing in disguise as I was currently being ravaged with cancer and didnít know it. Returning to states saved my life!

After my battle with Cancer and obtaining a Pilotís License I returned to Africa in 2001. This time my adventures took me to one of the remotest regions of Africa, the West African country of Ghana. My journey started in Accra but I drove up to the Burkina Faso border to an area called Nalerigu. Here I stayed with the Mamprusi tribe in their village studying their culture and language. My hopes were to become a bush pilot flying small cargo to this region but I could never make it happen. As it stands I have compiled the first English Mamprule language handbook plan to return someday.