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The summer of 1994 I spent in South America. I journeyed to Quito Ecuador to start my Amazon adventure. Quito is the second highest Capitol in the world at a towering altitude of 9,186 feet and is beautifully back dropped with huge mountains towering to 20,000 feet. I was fortunate to have a cousin who was a missionary in Ecuador and he spent an enormous amount of effort to transport me around the country.

My main goal in visiting Ecuador was to explore the upper Amazon and its tribal people. We journeyed into the Amazon basin hiring a 30 foot wooden canoe with a crew familiar with the region we were exploring. Traveling the Rio Napo we visited many villages and remote areas exploring the vast forests.

While visiting Ecuador I got my first taste of mountain climbing. My cousin and I climbed to the glacier of Mount Cotopaxi. I have never been above 8,000 feet in my life and the shotgun sounds of the glacier moving along the summit was amazing, I was hooked! Mountain Climbing has become a main hobby of mine and I have climbed at least fifty mountains..


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While not officially “South America” Belize is a Central American country that was formerly British Honduras. My journey to Belize took place in the summer of 1996. Half adventure trip, half honeymoon. My new wife was excited about the idea of island hopping in this tropical paradise and we had a blast. Unfortunately Belize has become a huge tourist trap with cruise lines visiting regularly, so my interest in Belize has diminished.

With the current civil unrest in Africa and the fact I have children that I would rather not leave fatherless, I will probably focus future adventure trips to South America. There are plenty of remote villages and un explored regions in the Amazon basin.


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