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I am not sure why I added a section to my website pertaining to Europe because frankly I am not too excited about visiting Europe. Sure I love the museums and architecture but I thrive for the wild unknown and frankly Parisians I find extremely difficult to deal with.

With that said I have found myself on the streets of Paris and enjoyed the snowy days wondering the bookstores and bistros around the city. The Musee de la chasse is a must as well as Musee de la Afrique where I enjoyed looking at the artifacts from colonial Africa. Oh and of course the Louvre is nice to see.

When visiting Africa I try to lay over in Cairo as opposed to Europe. Itís a much shorter flight from Cairo into the heart of Africa and I would much rather explore the markets in Cairo than Europe. Just my opinion of course.


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Occasionally Iíve had the pleasure of visiting Amsterdam on my flights to West Africa. I must say I enjoy the atmosphere of Amsterdam with is bicyclists and beautiful canals through the city. People are very friendly and have been kind enough to wake me up as to not miss connecting flights.