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I began my career as a MVS Computer Operator for Halliburton in their Data Center. Through hard work and dedication I moved up to a Team Leader eventually moving on to Tandy Corporationís state of the art data center.

I moved up the ranks at Tandy Corporation eventually becoming a Local Area Network Technician in Tandyís Network systems team. I helped monitor and repair any problems with the computer network system as well as maintain daily backups of all Radio Shack employee's desktop computers.

Upon returning from Africa I was thrilled to hear Tandy Corporation welcomed me back to my position however after a short time and under different management I moved to a Software Development position at a company called Tensor.

Tensor was an internet company and I was fortunate to experience the Y2K problem first hand as we had many projects debugging W2K code. We also did programming for the US Postal Service and other large back end web applications using Apple Web Objects. I found this career challenging but also found the cubicle job extremely tenuous and headaches were common. At this point of my career I needed to make a choice, continue in a Computer Career or move on.

In 2001 I was helped with my decision with the Internet Bust and Tensor went under.


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