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After the internet bust of 2001 I found myself unemployed for the first time in my life. I figured it was time to make the decision to get back into a Software position or venture out on my own. My father was visiting with me one day and suggested I get back into the family business, home building.

Miller Custom Homes was born in fall 2001. My first custom home sold while in the framing stage and others were standing in line for my next home. I built in Hurst, Grapevine, Haslet and other upscale neighborhoods in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I was always in demand rarely needing to build spec homes and life was good.

In 2007 my jobs were slowing down but I wasnít. I decided to buy some lots and a build spec house so that I could keep momentum. I owned commercial properties that were bringing in a nice income and felt spec houses would be easy to sell. I picked my best selling home plans and went the extra mile in custom accessories.

2008 the housing market officially died! I was paying interest on loans for houses that I had to discount considerably to sell, even having to write large checks at closing. With the downturn in the economy my rents checks began bouncing and my commercial tenants began moving out and closing business. I was trying to maintain a lifestyle we had grown accustom to without the cash flow to support it so we had to sell our personal home and toys and unload our properties just to break even.

In the end we came out alive and kicking. Unlike many of our friends in the housing industry we didnít have to file bankruptcy and managed to stay afloat during the worst Real Estate market crash ever. We still had an income due to commercial properties I had purchased along the way.


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