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During my years as a home builder I was able to buy and restore distressed commercial properties. I purchased properties that were in need of major renovation and was also part of the Race Street Urban Village restoration project. Three of my buildings were part of this particular project.

I purchased at auction a Mexican restaurant in Boyd Texas that had been closed down for years. I wasn’t able to lease the property so we decided to open our own restaurant in its place. JR’s Catfish opened October 2007 and served fried catfish and fries, chicken and other seafood related items. It was a fun family business but very daunting when also running a construction business and maintaining commercial properties. We decided to sell and sold the restaurant within an hour of listing the property to Go Go Gumbo. I am proud to say it’s still thriving today!

Probably my greatest project was the McAdams building. A building destined for the bull dozer was saved by a friend of mine. He hired me to build an Italian restaurant called Mamamias into the main area of the building. It took a little over 12 months to complete the project and Mamamias opened their doors December 2006. The McAdams building is one of Fort Worth’s greatest restoration accomplishments.

One particular project that took the best of me was the Red Stag Lodge in Deer Valley Utah. A partner and I planned to purchase the eleven unit lodge and convert it into individual condominiums and resell them separately for profit. The purchase price proved too much for my borrowing power but we were able to bring in other investors including the owner (who was the only one to profit on the endeavor) and make the conversion. Unfortunately again this took place as the Real Estate Bubble popped and at the current time units are still for sale.


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