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While building homes in Fort Worth I was approached by an individual wanting to lease my mineral rights for the Barnet Shale. After having a long conversation with this person he also mentioned that he was looking for a house to rent as he was from Arkansas. I offered him a rental property I owned and he and some other Landmen moved in.

This gentleman leased all my mineral rights under my developments and residential properties and the more we talked about the Barnet the more interested I was in the Natural Gas Business. He kept insisting I become a Landman but as I was too busy building. He felt that my strong real estate background and that I was a licensed RE agent in Texas would be an asset.

One evening he called me and insisted I take a Landman course at a local community college which I decided to do. The course was very interesting and with my background I understood the process associated with deeds and leases. I was offered a position immediately which I could only do part time due to other obligations.

I began title work and eventually moved to leasing as I am more of a people person than courthouse person and did well on a part time basis.

After the Real Estate crash and as we were struggling to get our ducks in row I was offered a position with Range Resources in the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania. After discussing this with my wife I felt this would be a great opportunity to get into the Marcellus Shale, so we leased our home out and moved north.

About six months after we moved to Pennsylvania Range quit leasing due to the fall in Natural gas prices so I went to work leasing for Chesapeake. As I continued to learn about the business I realized a need for a title company that handles title work for small energy companies out of state buying and leasing minerals in the Marcellus but didn’t have full time Landmen available.

PennCo was born. I resigned from Chesapeake and hired six title agent scattered throughout the state we did title for west coast energy companies and continued to grow. Eventually PennCo was asked if we could handle the leasing of mineral rights. I was under a no compete contract in certain areas so we began leasing in West Virginia and Ohio. At the current time PennCo is doing leasing and title work in West Virginia, Ohio and North East Pennsylvania. PennCo also handles the buying and selling of mineral rights.

A local farm was up for auction and it included mineral rights so myself and investor friend went to bid on the property. While waiting for the auction to start I noticed a truck with Oklahoma plates and began talking with the owner. Our situations were very similar, he also owned a small brokerage and was leasing in PA. He moved here from Oklahoma to make is way in the Marcellus Shale as well. We began talking and had lunch a few times discussing opportunities in the Shale. While out skeet shooting one evening he mentioned doing a radio show discussing the Marcellus Shale and answering lease questions on the air. I felt it was a great idea and so “Natural Gas Matters” was born.

August 1st 2010 “Natural Gas Matters” aired for the first time on FM Newstalk 104.7 out of Pittsburgh. We never would have expected the response we had. The first week hundreds of phone calls clogged our lines. Chris and I were both working full time and could hardly handle the workload. We had to rush to get a website up and maintain control of the calls and emails.

After the first six weeks we had the number one talk ratings over the weekend in western PA. We were getting anywhere from 700-1000 calls and emails a week helping people lease their mineral rights. Letters and emails were coming in from all over the state to expand the show.

At the current time I feel extremely fortunate to be here working the Marcellus Shale. Doors open daily and we are kept busy which I love. The radio show starts syndicating in New York and West Virginia beginning 2010. We are getting ready to film a 30 minute news show pertaining to the Marcellus Shale that will air on Fox channel 53. Also Cold Front Production is following us around with cameras in tow gathering footage to create a “reality style show” about leasing and drilling the Marcellus Shale, the show will cover landowners from the begining to end including the controversial subjects as well. However the show will be a positive view of the industry.

I am currently handling Land deals totaling over 50,000 acres in the Marcellus and contributing on projects such as a state of the art leak and contamination detection system that works real-time while the drilling process is taking place. Every week new opportunities come my way and life is very good!


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